A Lower Basin Collaborative

The Lower Basin Collaborative

  • provides a way for citizens, businesses and agencies to work together on the cleanup of the lower Coeur d’Alene River Basin.
  • creates opportunities for expanding insight into the Basin’s remediation and restoration.
  •  participates meaningfully to achieve a ROD Amendment that works for everybody.
  • offers specific opportunities to work constructively while representing a broad diversity of demographics and institutions.
  •  creates an environment where all parties are empowered to identify potential problems, solutions, alternatives, barriers, projects, and priorities.
  •  communicates technical concepts and outcomes to local communities in order to enhance understanding.
  •  finds consensus on approaches to the Lower Basin cleanup.
  • influences decision-making.

Main objectives

  • Information exchange and engagement between the lower basin communities, stakeholders, and agencies.
  •  Meaningful participation and influence from the community and stakeholders in the agencies decision-making processes through collaboration.
  •  Early identification of cleanup issues, approaches, needs, alternatives, concerns, and priorities for agencies, the community, and stakeholders.

This leads to:

  •  Collaborative development of consensus-based solutions by the community and stakeholders—not independent from, but in cooperation with, EPA and IDEQ.

Underlying values, issues, and purposes (in no particular order)

  •          public health
  •          wildlife protection
  •          recreation
  •          private property rights and land-use planning
  •          watershed protection and restoration
  •          cultural resources
  •          job preservation and creation
  •          economic development
  •          meaningful community involvement
  •          public education
  •          scientific, evidence-based decision making
  •          water quality and fisheries

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