Lower Basin Tour August 18th

Please join us on the informational tour on the Lower Coeur d’Alene River to see and hear about some of the bank stabilization and cleanup activities. We will do a driving tour to four areas at and between Rose Lake and Medimont. Please let your neighbors know of the tour and we encourage carpooling with your friends because there is limited parking at the Rose Lake Ramp and Lane Bridge Trailhead.

Lower Basin Collaborative Tour — River Bank Stabilization and Cleanup Projects

Saturday August 18, 2012 – 10:00 am to 12:00

Rose Lake Boat Ramp – 10:00 am

Boat Ramp Cleanup and Bank Stabilization

Lane Bridge Trailhead – 10:20 am

NRCS River Bank Stabilization

Trail River Bank Stabilization

Schlepp Farm – 10:55 am

River Bank Stabilization Projects

Ag Land to Wetland Conversion

Medimont Boat Ramp – 11:40 am

Planned NRCS River Bank Stabilization

Past River Bank Stabilization Project

We hope that you might attend to be able learn more and discuss about activities that we may want to propose and support as future actions in the Lower Basin.

Please RSVP if you plan to attend.

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1 Response to Lower Basin Tour August 18th

  1. Lisa Kelley says:

    Count me in…Lisa Kelley

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