Local Voices For Better Decisions

Do you think EPA Superfund cleanup is limited to the Silver Valley? Not true. Cataldo to Harrison is the next phase. The Lower Coeur d’Alene Basin is choked with millions of tons of contaminated material. The cleanup issues are complex and the options could include additional repositories located in the Lower Basin.

Many important decisions will be made over the next few years about how the cleanup will unfold. Be part of the solution! JOIN US NOW…

The Lower Basin Collaborative is a citizen effort to:

  • Understand the human health risks and complex environmental issues in the lower Coeur d’Alene River Basin
  • Thoroughly discuss possibilities and impacts with neighbors, local businesses, community groups, and agencies.
  • Weigh in on the options for cleanup and natural resource restoration.

Join Us at the organizing meeting October 18th in Rose Lake.



About Terry J. Harris

Executive Director at Kootenai Environmental Alliance
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